Come Hell or High Water – I Will Win!


I LOVE Technology!!!

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!  I am the type of person that can’t wait to get the newest gadgets and gizmos.  I am the one in the family that the kids come to in order to setup all the new equipment.  I am the one that deals with technology on a daily basis.  I absolutely LOVE it.


The one thing I HATE about it is being the family IT person.  I remember one time when mom was having issues at the office and I needed her to type “dir mouse”…  I was having a hell of a time explaining to her what I needed her to do.  Finally I said, “Mom…  type D for dork.  Type I for idiot.  Type R for retarded.  Type M for moron…”  Mom was not impressed and I got hollered at.

I’m much more patient with other people on technological things.  I have to be – my job depends on that.  But with my family – I really need to work on my patience.

I’m always amazed at how dependent we are on technology.  If you think about it – just 20 years ago – we’d actually leave the house and be unavailable to talk to someone else till we arrived at our destination.  We’d have to read a map to get from point A to point B.  Technology has made so much of our life easier and convenient, but it also has made some aspects a lot more challenging.

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