Lifetime of Pets

I’m kind of at a negative point as to the need for furry friends in my life. My family has always been a lover of having pets which include dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, including fish and chameleons (which are not so furry).

20160129_213332I started when I was very young by begging and begging for a dog. My first dog was a chocolate lab named Ginger. At a very young age of, I believe three, we ran away together, got into trouble, and I loved him very much. When he passed, I wished on every birthday cake candle, the first star in the night, etc., for another dog to fill the void. I finally had my wish answered and got a black cocker spaniel which we named Double Trouble. She was the dog that I grew up with and would always pray that I would die before her. We had to have her put down when I graduated from high school. That was traumatic for me to say the least. She had been my soul mate for twelve years and helped me through many happy and sad events.

Then I got married, and you know when you have to clean your own house and have other commitments, I didn’t miss having the mess of another furry friend. But, my husband on a little hunting trip with a friend, came upon a breeder for beagles. I never cared for the look of a beagle as they always seemed to be fat, but he wanted me to just come and look at them. I could say no if I wanted to. Well, if you have ever seen a beagle puppy you know what happened. Yup, we got a beagle which we named, Rettschlag’s Copper Penney. She was smart, adorable and very much loved. When, at a very, very young age she got run over by a vehicle, and me crying for a solid week, and with a toddler of three, we had to replace her immediately. So, soon thereafter he came home with another beagle which we named, J.C. Penney. Sounds goofy, but Art was working there and it just seemed appropriate to get that name Penney in there somehow. If anyone knows what beagles look like, there are no two alike. This one was darker, not as smart, not as pretty, but loveable and fit into our family just fine. She lived to the ripe old age of sixteen.

Then after a long period of six months without having to clean up after a dog, not to mention dog hair, you got it, we got another dog. This one was a springer spaniel which we named Annie. We really hadn’t discussed getting another dog seriously, but the mention of a golden retriever was hinted at. I checked into that, and when my co-worker said her springer was pregnant and I could have one of the puppies I said perhaps that would be fun. One day she said my puppy was born. One female in a litter of, I think, six pups. She was a tri-color which is not common, being liver, white and tan. At only four weeks we put her in a box for my husband’s birthday, wrapped it, and gave her to him for his birthday. It was funny because we had grandchildren around and when he proceeded to shake the box, everyone screamed, “Don’t do that.” Well, it was love at first sight. He took her hunting and she loved it. What he didn’t enjoy was the three-hour brushing her out after their fun. She was with us for fourteen years and had to be put down.

Then, about another six months of dog-free living occurred. My friend called and asked me if I wanted to go see a litter of chocolate labs and that she was thinking of purchasing one. So, of course, I went and, of course, I ended up with a chocolate lab which we named Maggie. She was a beautiful lab, tall and shiny with the softest ears in the world. She was a fabulous dog and of course, loved dearly. Well, if we were to have a dog I always wanted two of the same kind. This didn’t work out exactly as I planned. I saw an article for tri-colored springer spaniels. Against my husband’s wishes, I got one. Her name is Mollie. We now had two dogs, different, but fun and they loved each other.

As it happens, Maggie got sick at an old age and had to be put down. We are now down to our Mollie and she is over fourteen. We will be losing her soon, but she is the happiest, sweetest, lovable, beautiful, and most annoying dog (I think she is senile). I actually purchased her for me, but her love for my husband can’t be outdone. She wants him with her at all times. As I said, she is really annoying (but we love her).

So, my furry friends consist of many and they are all still very special to me. No one can replace the other, just fills the void. This brings me to the point that I think I am sick of saying goodbye to my wonderful furry friends, but then there is the six-month period…

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