No Sense of Urgency

Time and money.  The two albatross’ in my life.  The two realities over which I struggle for control and yet two commodities that are totally opposite.

Money is distributed based on successes, luck and abilities. On the other hand, each of us has the exact same amount of time in every day, every week, every month and every year.  So why do I always feel as though I don’t have enough time to complete the things I want and need to do?

Time is such a dramatic indicator of being “on top” of things in our culture.  You must always be on time for work, for appointments, for events, for all of life! If you are late you get the giant demerit of life cast upon you.  If you’re always early, you’re a superstar…If you stay late, you can’t get your work done.

I understand that timeliness is necessary to create order.  It is needed to have fairness in the workplace and to show courtesy to others…Sometimes it just doesn’t fit with what the rest of life is handing us moment to moment.

I can remember arriving in the parking lot at our furniture store for our Tuesday morning sales meetings.  We had to be on time or put $1 in the kitty.   Several of us would be screeching into the parking lot and jumping out of our cars barely taking time to turn off the ignition.

Being on time does not come naturally to me.  It has been said that I have “no sense of urgency.”  I guess that’s possible and yet under my watch things do get done, people get where they need to be, clothes get washed, jobs get done…I guess you get the picture. 

I find that the more emphasis that is placed upon me to be “on time” the worse my behavior becomes.  Couldn’t we just once focus on the good we all do in a day rather than simply focusing on what time the clock said when we started???

I know.  This is not a choice I get to make.  Always be on time is rule #1 followed closely by rule #2 that says never be late.  I understand.  Better set my watch and my phone a few minutes ahead.  I need all the help I can get.



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