Prayers Answered

Wow- This is a topic loaded with awe and wonder- I have more to be thankful about than I can ever remember…

I’m home with my family for the holidays. My prayers have been answered.  My husband is here and having a wonderful time learning the pleasures of small-town Wisconsin life. Or son, although away from home, is having an eventful and exciting internship in Florida.  The stars are aligned.  Thank you, Lord!

Turkey, pumpkin pie, lumpy mashed potatoes, and all the fixings.  My taste buds are revving up for this culinary experience.  I love the long table set up at Lisa and Craig’s house. Friends and family all together reminiscing about holidays past, present and to come.  The warm aroma of delicious food, the feeling of total acceptance, and the knowledge that if you work hard enough and long enough and put your dreams out there, they will come true.

Thanksgiving takes me to a reflective place.  It makes me want to embrace the good fortune that I’ve been blessed with.  I feel like I should say something witty or silly to make this post more interesting, but all I can do is count my blessings.

Today started as I had hoped with watching the Macy’s
parade, cooking my contribution to the feast, enjoying my husband preparing his special apple pie, and talking by phone with our son. He wanted us to know that there was a festive meal served in the break room just for those working the holiday so he had been fed in the proper fashion and best of all, I’m working tomorrow. It simply reinforces my lack of Black Friday interest.

I see this day as a gateway to special holiday times to come.  Plans for memory-filled outings, cool crisp days and nights, shopping trips for holiday treasures, and warm family memories all in the making.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It comes without stress or expectations.  It’s a no-fuss holiday where family gets together to appreciate who we are and what we are all thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and to me and mine.  It’s a great day to remember how blessed we are.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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