The Queen, The Princess and The Frog

siblingsTo say having siblings is interesting, wonderful, and memorable is, to sum up, my life with two siblings.  Our family consisted of three girls.  Kathy was the oldest, I was the middle child and Judy is my younger sister.  We are four and five years apart.  Continue reading

Torture, Arguments and Reactions

tortureWe heard Dad taking the stairs two at a time as he ran up to find out why we weren’t asleep yet. I had a room of my own. My bed was a roll away and, on this night, we were pretending it was a pirate ship. The bar connecting the bed when it was folded up, was the ship’s wheel.  We were laughing and pretending and having a great time.  I was facing forward and, in my imagination, I was guiding our ship through rough waters.  Continue reading