Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I remember my first foray into the land of makeup…

Everyday Me

Julie and I walked downtown. It was late summer and a new school year was approaching–7th grade. We went to Langmack’s Drug Store (think Ace Hardware, not Sephora) and stood before a wall of pastel powders, concealing pastes, and sparkling creams. Julie chose a pinkish shade of a liquid Covergirl blush. I chose the same brand that was more peachy. Covergirl. The name seemed appropriate for girls shopping for our first cosmetics.

comfortable in your own skin

Wednesday, September 25, 2022, 4:24 pm

This wasn’t grandma’s lipstick abruptly rubbed on my cheeks to “give me a little color”. 

This initial memory is just the beginning of my addiction (a little too strong of a word perhaps) to make-up. You see, I’m one of those who feel almost naked without something on my face. Even during the Covid lockdown, I continued my full-face routine. Every. Day.

I have occasionally tried to go without but always come back. Continue reading