The Downside of Yes

saying yesFor a long time, as a parent, my first reaction when one of the kids asked me if they could do something was to say “No”.  I usually had that reaction because I was concerned about them making a mess that I’d have the clean up or I was worried about them doing something to make someone else angry or other such nonsense. Continue reading

Rambunctious Boys and a Mini Me

raising kids boys girlsIs there a difference between raising girls vs boys?  I definitely experienced a significant difference between the two sexes.  I wasn’t prepared for the discrepancy I experienced as I only grew up with my older sister and never had to deal with boys in the household. Continue reading

The Dreaded Ice Derby

skatingAt what point do you decide that your child has to participate in an event or allow them to quit?  I’ve often wondered this over the years in relation to various kids’ activities, but especially when I think about my childhood. Continue reading

Middle Child Syndrome

middle child

Sandy and Kathy

I was the second born in a family of three girls.  This, of course, made me the dreaded “middle child”.  From experience and observing other families I can say the problems of the middle child seem to be true.

The first child in our family was my sister, Kathy.  She was born four years before me.  She was the first child, grandchild, and niece.  She seemed to be the favorite of everyone from my standpoint.  Then I came along.   I was told that since my parents already had a girl it would have been nice to have a boy.  Oh well, it didn’t turn out that way, but they adjusted.   I remember our home life being normal and pleasant.  My dad was in the service and I was two days old when he was deployed.  So, having no males around I didn’t like them very much.  I have been told that later in life I made up for that! Whatever that means!!!  Then it happened, another girl was born into our family five years later.  This now made me a middle child.   Continue reading