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Teachers have a great impact on your life.  Unfortunately, I can remember only some negative incidents with teachers in my past. I feel this was unfortunate.  I was shy for the most when I was younger especially while in a group. If a problem came up I never seemed to be able to stand up for myself.

The most outstanding memory I had was when I was a senior in high school.  It was my American Problems teacher., M K..  I was terrified of him as I found many other students were also.  I had never had any history with this teacher, so everything I was told about how tough he was, was purely hearsay.  I was quite shy in this particular class. I believe this was because I was so intimidated by him.  He always reminded me of a Cheshire cat.  Gray hair, slanted very blue piercing eyes that looked into your very soul.  Well, I was in his class for a very short time when he called on me to answer a question.  I was so relieved that I knew the answer.  But, there was a problem.  He asked the question and I answered the first part of the question thinking that is what he wanted.  No, he wanted to know the next part also.  Well, after humiliating me in front of the class I was told to write one hundred times some stupid phrase about not having the answers ready.  I was so embarrassed and freaked out, and when I got home I bawled my eyes out.  I had the full answer, but he didn’t give me a chance to give it to him.  

The very next day, after feeling if I was in his class for the whole year I would surely have a nervous breakdown.  I had never had a teacher make me feel so stupid and inferior in my school days like this teacher.    When I got to school everyone was in an excited mode.  The thirty-second Division army was being deployed and, you got it, my American Probs teacher was on the list to leave.  

On 6 September 1961, with the heightening of the tensions due to the Berlin Crisis, the 32nd Infantry Division was alerted to an impending call-up. The commanding general, Major General Herbert A. Smith was notified a few days later that the division was to report on 15 October 1961 to Fort Lewis, Washington, for active duty. This was exactly 21 years after their activation date for World War II, at which time then Lt. Col. Herbert A. Smith had been commander of the 2nd Battalion, 128th Infantry. The unit served until August 1962 at Fort Lewis, Washington, and was assigned to the Strategic Army Command. The division began training as replacements for the 4th Infantry and the 2nd Armored Divisions at Fort Lewis, Washington, and Fort Hood, Texas, in case they were deployed overseas as reinforcements for the Seventh Army in Germany. They returned to Wisconsin without being deployed overseas.[77]

The 32nd Division (as were all U.S. infantry divisions at the time) was organized in a Pentomic division, composed of five line (rifle) companies, a combat support company, and a headquarters company. From 1940 until 1959, divisions had contained three regiments. This divisional structure was found unwieldy and was eliminated in 1963.

I truly believe God was looking out for me and many others that day.  Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.  

The rest of the year went along boring but without hysteria and fear.  I will also say that this teacher did return to teaching unharmed, but not on my time

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