Once is Enough

moviesEveryone seems to have a favorite Christmas movie that they love to watch over and over during the holiday season.  I don’t.  First of all, I hate to watch movies more than twice.  If I were to sit through a movie that I have seen before I get really bored and just can’t continue watching it.  There are a few exceptions like “Because I said so”, The Wedding Date” and a couple more.  But they have also reached their expiration date to me at this time.

I love to watch the animated movies that are on TV during the holidays.  I think it is the color and music that attracts me.  Again, in moderation.

Now, let’s talk about the Lifetime Movies  I used to love to watch, but have found them to be sort of the same, kind of gushy, ending the same, and they are starting to get really boring.  What I do love about these movies is the scenery being all Christmasy with falling snow, Christmas lights, and just beautiful settings.  But, the storylines have started to be the same and this is not holding my attention anymore.  

I have started to find tv boring, so maybe it is just me.  Maybe this will allow me to actually get my Christmas projects done this year by Christmas Eve.

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