One Pink Shoe, One Green

shoesTo say I love clothes and shoes is an understatement.  I actually somehow have two full, down from three closets, full of clothes.  One of my closets actually has nothing but jackets which I never wear since I am now retired. I also have a surplus of skirts that I haven’t worn even one for over one year.  When I go into a store I never try them on there as I hate to try on clothes.  This does result in a few returns along the way, but it is what it is.  I have to be comfortable or I will never wear the outfit again. shoesI also believe it is fun to play around with different styles.  I have to share an experience I had with a certain pair of shoes, or actually two pairs of shoes.  They were sandals, one hot pink pair, and one bright green pair.  They were identical except for color.  Well, I was going to a picnic with a group of our friends.  I was on the phone with one of my daughters and asked which pair I should wear as I was wearing a bright green pair of pants and a sweatshirt that was white with hot pink and bright green objects on it.  I asked her which pair of shoes I should wear and she said, “wear one of each”.  So, I did.  Well, to my disappointment, no one either noticed (I find that hard to believe) and no one said a word.  Now, come on, I was just having fun and needed some laughs at the least.  I got no response whatsoever.  What a disappointment.

Then on a more serious note, I had to go school shoe shopping with my dad.  Now, my father never in his life ever took me clothes or shoe shopping.  We were on our way for a short vacation prior to school starting, and for some reason, he was with us when we went to our local shoe store.  He picked out this UGLY pair of gray loafers with foam bottoms.  The ugliest things I had ever seen.  He insisted I buy these, and, of course, he won.  Well, after seeing a person who I did not think had one bit of taste had these ugly, did I say “ugly” pair of shoes on. I never even once wore those putrid shoes.  Gladly, he never noticed and eventually I am sure Goodwill or St. Vincent’s received them as a donation. I would have gone barefoot if need be. 

My taste in dress at this time in my life would be either a pair of shorts and barefoot, or on a dressier note, it would be a long flowing skirt and a short top for the summer sporting a strappy pair of sandals.  But, you will probably never see me in this attire as I am a gardener, project person consisting of painting on a whim, or just doing something messy.  I can see myself sitting in the summer on the patio with a glass of wine and reading a novel.  What a nice thought, here’s hoping I can make this happen sometime. 

I love the idea of fun, casual comfy clothes.

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