Is Spring House Cleaning Even a Thing Any More?

The first day of spring this year is just around the corner. And that gets me thinking about…”Spring House Cleaning”! Crazy, I know. Isn’t this an antiquated activity?  I remember when some of the most beautiful spring days were dedicated to emptying out one room of a house at a time. Then we spent days cleaning windows, washing walls, scrubbing floors, shampooing carpets, organizing drawers, sorting out closets, you get the idea. We used to basically clean the whole damn house, from top to bottom, one room at a time. Today, I can’t imagine wasting even one beautiful spring day doing this mundane and time-consuming task.   I had an aunt who I respected for both her creative abilities and her house-keeping skills.  Her home was always beautifully decorated and impeccably clean.  She shared her secret with me which I now try to live by.  Well, sort of, when the urge hits me.  She said that she picked one item that really needs cleaning and/or refurbishing and takes care of it one project at a time.  She never emptied out the whole house, room by room, having to put everything back in place when clean.  You see, for one thing, I would never find the time or desire to put things back in their places.  We all need to know our limitations!! There is one area that seems to be a constant spring problem for me that this strategy doesn’t address: spider webs.  One thing we all know is where there is a spider web, there is a spider.   They can and do pop up in all the wrong places.  This results in total hysteria as my grandkids are sissies and don’t like spiders. (I would say the girls, but I have a couple of boys that are just as bad or worse). So, to poke fun at my cleaning abilities, and in honor of having unwanted spider webs all over the house, I purchased a beautiful, gold, fake, spider web.  It even has a spider in it, though not alive  (thank you very much).  My artificial spider web elicits way less hysteria.  Some people consider it a sophisticated accessory that adds a unique touch to any room! You may even consider it a nod to ANTI-Spring House Cleaning!!! Who Is Sandy

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