The First Leon (Noel backwards)

When we lived on Cherokee Rd. we were the first house built in the area. Our house was on a  curved road surrounded by fields. In December, mom would pick me and Chelle up from Grandma’s in December. We would drive around town looking at the lights and decorations. We would arrive home after dark. She would pull up the driveway and as the garage door slowly opened, it was my job to get the mail.

This sounds so easy.

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No Black Friday Please!

I love how our family does the holidays…  Each of us gets a holiday to organize and coordinate – for example, Mom’s house for Christmas, my house for Easter, and Lisa’s house for Thanksgiving.  We used to do Easter at Judy’s till she moved away and then I got that holiday… Now that she’s back, we’ll have to reorganize the holiday schedule somewhat.
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Thanksgiving – The Simple Life

This is one of my favorite holidays.  It is a celebration, lots of food, and, of course, getting together with family and friends, and enjoying a relaxing time together.  This seems so much more relaxing than say Christmas as the hysterical shopping binges, and fighting crowds actually makes me crazy.  I love the thanksgiving decorations, smells, and the feeling of celebration that I get from this holiday.

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