Downshifting – Judy


Beaver Dam has become a member of something called “Blue Zones”. I am a beginner in

what that means exactly- but with time I’m sure I’ll be on board. One of the elements that resonates with me in the “Blue Zones” information is something called “downshifting”.

What does that mean exactly? To me, it means letting go of all the crazy things that make me grumpy, psycho and just plain bitchy.

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The Power of ONE – Lisa

Sidetracked Sisters are sidetracked. That’s it…kind of…not really.  One of our defining characteristics is that focus, and single-minded purpose is NOT our strong suit.  We tend to flit, flutter and putter rather than being devoted to a straight path.  Some might attribute ADD characteristics to the way we live our lives.  Perhaps that earlier word that I used…putter…is what best defines the way I go about my “free” time (ie: time not taken up by work/job/career and family or household responsibilities).

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Decorating – Sandy

If anyone really knows me they know I love to decorate.  I can waste more relaxing time (what’s that!!) planning for re-arranging a room, decorating or redecorating it, whatever the case may be.  I love the planning and gathering all the materials before starting the decorating project.  I do not like to start anything until I have all the items needed to finish my vision.  That way, if there are changes to be made, it is easy to do so.  I think you need to start with one items that you just love and decorate around that.  One time I decorated a room around one little pink light.  (sorry Lisa).

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Girls’ Weekend – Lisa

I go on a junket called “Girls’ Weekend” the first weekend of every October and the first weekend of May. The focus of the weekend is the flea market.  There are tv shows about the adventure of “flea marketing”.  In the shows, people find treasures, then change them up to resell for a profit.  There are magazines dedicated to “flea market style” where market items are used to add bling, pop, or interest to a room or a remodel.  Continue reading

Girls’ Weekend – Judy

Some traditions are too important to break. Girl’s weekend falls in that category. Every first weekend in May and October is Girl’s Weekend for the Sidetracked Clan. Rules are Girls only- baby girls included (or breastfed baby boys).

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Girls’ Weekend – Sandy

Girl’s weekend started twenty years ago.   Our wonderful friend, Bonnie, who is no longer with us physically, actually got us started.  I’m sure she is hovering with us as she would never have missed this chance to shop.

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