Gratitude List – Judy

gratitude quoteSometimes I get really down and crabby. This has been one of those times for me, so tonight when we decided to express our “Gratitude List”, I felt like the timing was perfect. Coincidentally, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I think the “Universe” is telling me to be grateful and thankful.

I realize that my greatest lessons have actually come from the most challenging and difficult times in my life. I am truly grateful for my resilience and my ability to be strong and to come back even when circumstances feel like I’m drowning in despair.

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Gratitude List – ‘Chelle

GratefulHave you ever created a gratitude list?  This seems like an appropriate time of the year to do this kind of thing.  (Although – you shouldn’t save this idea for only this time of the year)

There are so many things that I could put on my gratitude list.  I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but here is my start to the list:

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Conquering Fear – Lisa

I hate the feeling of falling.  The gentle decent of a Ferris wheel is a one. Jumping off a bridge with friends into the rushing water of the river below is an eight. Falling out of an airplane at 14,000 feet is a ten.  I have done all three. Why???

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My Scariest Moment – Lisa

Does everyone have a story where they “threatened” a parent with running away and they parent in response helped her pack for the trip?  I’ve heard many.  The retelling sounds so cute and makes the listeners nod with appreciation, connection, and approval of the parent’s wise response and predictable outcome—that of a short journey around the block or across the street to a friend’s house.  Continue reading

Divorce – Judy

I was the one in our family that always swore when I got married, it would be for life. I said that I take my commitments very seriously and wouldn’t renege on them. Then life got in the way.

I was so shy in school that I could barely say hello to a boy in the hallway. I was very uncomfortable having a conversation with someone of the opposite sex.
My sister was always popular. She had boyfriends at a young age and handled herself well. She married at age 19 some 55 years ago in July.


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Divorce – ‘Chelle

Growing up, I always wondered who, between my sister and I, would get divorced. In my family, between the 2 older of the Sidetracked Sisters, one got divorced, the other didn’t. Everyone always told Lisa and I how much we were like Mom and Judy. So – being the logical person I am – I reasoned that if of the two sisters, one got divorced and the other didn’t – then Lisa and I would follow suit.

Guess my theory was wrong. Thinking on Lisa’s divorce and the impact it had on me… it seems so strange that she was ever married to someone other than CH. That was an entire lifetime ago.












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Body Image – Judy

There was a day when I enjoyed seeing my reflection in a mirror or in a store window.  I think this goes back to when I was 15 or 16.  I was swimming laps every day after teaching classes at the YMCA pool.  I could eat anything and it never showed up on my hips or anywhere else. I felt great and loved wearing the latest styles.  My friends said I was too skinny but I didn’t care.

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Technology – Lisa

“Turn it off!” I feel I am constantly asking, bribing, yelling at my children to disconnect from their technology.  From the moment my son gets up in the morning until my edict to shut tech down at 7:30, SnapChat bings echo through our house. My son doesn’t even look at the images when he responds to the bing!  He just clicks to open and closes it…someone’s “streak” has been maintained. Continue reading

Exercise – Lisa

IMG_2662 (1)My alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am.  I go to the kitchen and get a glass of water. Stella is asleep after an early breakfast.  I leave my fuzzy fleece pj pants on, slip on socks and my tennis shoes.   Sports bra goes on over the top of my t-shirt.  (When you exercise with no witnesses, it doesn’t matter what you wear.) On go coat, neck gator, balaclava, gloves and mittens.  I call Stella…quietly. She stretches and yawns like she is doing me a favor. Continue reading

Downshifting – Sandy

brandyHow do you downshift or relax after a sometime (most of the time) stressful day, or just an ordinary, could be boring day.

I would like to say that I would leave work, go for a nice casual walk, come home and have a wonderful dinner and then relax for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t ever seem to happen, so when I come home after a very stressful day at work, I like an old-fashioned drink, then I love to (weather permitting) sit out in my patio and just read or listen to the crickets and chill.

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Furry Family – Sandy

I’m kind of at a negative point as to the need for furry friends in my life. My family has always been a lover of having pets which include dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, to include fish and chameleons (which are not so furry).

20160129_213332I started when I was very young by begging and begging for a dog. My first dog was a chocolate lab named Ginger. At a very young age of, I believe three, we ran away together, got into trouble, and I loved him very much. When he passed, I wished on every birthday cake candle, the first star in the night, etc., for another dog to fill the void. Continue reading