Furry Family – Sandy

I’m kind of at a negative point as to the need for furry friends in my life. My family has always been a lover of having pets which include dogs, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, to include fish and chameleons (which are not so furry).

20160129_213332I started when I was very young by begging and begging for a dog. My first dog was a chocolate lab named Ginger. At a very young age of, I believe three, we ran away together, got into trouble, and I loved him very much. When he passed, I wished on every birthday cake candle, the first star in the night, etc., for another dog to fill the void. Continue reading

Furry Family – Judy

When I was little everyone around me had dogs.  Dogs never liked me much.  Our first dog, Trouble, used to growl at me but she loved my sister. So, I decided to adopt a cat.  I didn’t know that my mom and dad disliked cats so one day, when I was in school, my white cat disappeared.

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Furry Family – ‘Chelle

I have the greatest furry family members, but also the most obnoxious. I have two labradoodles. The black/grey one is 4, the other apricot/tan one is 2. I always say that they are the smartest dumb dogs I’ve ever met.

Both girls are like Houdini. We have a fenced in backyard, but they can ALWAYS figure a way out. Every time I fix one hole, they make a new one. Lily (the baby) is the best at this. We’ve had up to 10 neighbors helping us locate her after she has “disappeared”. She’ll come close to us, but stay just out of reach.

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Furry Family – Lisa

IMG_1193Stella, Huey, Eli…I am partial to golden retrievers.  It is my personality.  I guess my spirit animal.  I have a friend who channels turtles.  There is another who has a “monkey” daughter.  I have a passion for golden retrievers.  There is a sense of peace, calm, focus, with a hint of unpredictability that appeals.

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