Divorce – Lisa

DivorceI recently read the book “All About Love” and connected with the author, bell hooks, when she said that “Women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget”.

I was married during college to a bright and passionate young man. We were married for 12 tumultuous years. During that time, I believed that everything must be done to save the relationship.

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Divorce – Judy

I was the one in our family that always swore when I got married, it would be for life. I said that I take my commitments very seriously and wouldn’t renege on them. Then life got in the way.

I was so shy in school that I could barely say hello to a boy in the hallway. I was very uncomfortable having a conversation with someone of the opposite sex.
My sister was always popular. She had boyfriends at a young age and handled herself well. She married at age 19 some 55 years ago in July.


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Divorce – ‘Chelle

Growing up, I always wondered who, between my sister and I, would get divorced. In my family, between the 2 older of the Sidetracked Sisters, one got divorced, the other didn’t. Everyone always told Lisa and I how much we were like Mom and Judy. So – being the logical person I am – I reasoned that if of the two sisters, one got divorced and the other didn’t – then Lisa and I would follow suit.

Guess my theory was wrong. Thinking on Lisa’s divorce and the impact it had on me… it seems so strange that she was ever married to someone other than CH. That was an entire lifetime ago.












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Divorce – Sandy

DivorceJust hit the print button. that is what I say to anyone who has just plain had it in their insufficient marital status. I use this jokingly and unfortunately, have used the phrase for a serious situation also. You see, I have worked in a law office for 55 years and have seen so many divorces, I wouldn’t even be able to count.



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