17 Tech Tricks Everyone Should Know

17 Tech Tricks


I’ve been working with computers for 30+ years.  I’ve found lots of keyboard shortcuts over the years to help me.   Here are 17 keyboard shortcuts/tech tricks that are not commonly known to help you at both home and work!


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Technology – Judy

TechnologyEveryday, people tell me how wonderful technology is and how much time it saves us. Really!?! How often do I spend hours trying to figure out how to insert pictures into something I’ve written only to accidentally delete half my writing or to send a picture into never, never land?

How I long for the days of simply doing things by hand or typewriter. Like at work trying to understand how to fool the computer into doing what I need it to do. How wonderful it would feel to put a piece of paper into a typewriter and have it show exactly what I want it to show.

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Technology – Lisa

“Turn it off!” I feel I am constantly asking, bribing, yelling at my children to disconnect from their technology.  From the moment my son gets up in the morning until my edict to shut tech down at 7:30, SnapChat bings echo through our house. My son doesn’t even look at the images when he responds to the bing!  He just clicks to open and closes it…someone’s “streak” has been maintained. Continue reading

Come Hell or High Water – I Will Win!


I LOVE Technology!!!

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!  I am the type of person that can’t wait to get the newest gadgets and gizmos.  I am the one in the family that the kids come to in order to setup all the new equipment.  I am the one that deals with technology on a daily basis.  I absolutely LOVE it.


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Technology – Sandy

Well, to start with, in order to even start writing this on my rather new tablet (actually 1+ years old), I had to have help in even starting to type this subject. You see, technology to me, is a royal pain, a god send, and one of the most confusing things I have ever had the privilege of being associated with.


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