Happy State of Mind

happy mindsetFor most of my life, I’ve heard people talk about their goals, and many of them say “I just want to be happy”. My opinion of this goal is that many people are not happy because they don’t choose to be happy. When you live your life with an attitude of happiness, you can weather difficult times and still remain in balance. Continue reading

Making Happy Mornings

happy morningsI hate mornings and when I get up, my first thought is “I can’t wait to go back to bed.”  When I wake up, I’m not a smiling, happy person.  There are some in my family that are and I’ve asked them how they do that.  Their response was “I just decide before I get out of bed that it’s going to be an amazing day.”  Wow – can it really be that simple? Continue reading

Tenacious Taurus

taurusIf you look to see what personality traits are associated with a Taurus, you can find a variety of different answers.  The websites I found state that a Taurus is possessed/obsessed, fussy, stubborn, chilled/zoned out, and sensuous/greedy.  Some things that a Taurus is into would be money, food, chilling, flirting, and shopping.  For the most part, I’m in complete agreement with what I’ve read. Continue reading

Authentic Aries

AriesThe Aries woman is honest, driven, competitive, and energetic. At least many of the Aries women have these traits. 

I find myself exhibiting the shadow side of many of the Aries qualities. For example, I carry a secret insecurity that creates intense stress and pressure for me. On the surface, I appear confident, competitive, and driven. In truth, appearances can be deceiving. Inside, I am often feeling anxious and inadequate. This surprises the people I know well because they say they don’t understand why.  Continue reading

Creative Cancer

cancerI really don’t pay much attention to my sign, but doing this exercise found it to be interesting. There are a couple of traits that I can identify with.  One trait of the cancer is being nosey.  I don’t consider this trait as being nosey at all, but am interested.  I find people fascinating.  I love to know their story, their interests, occupations, and the list goes on and on.  This is how I get to know them and find other people primarily fun and interesting. Continue reading

Spiritual Sagittarius

spiritual sagittariusMy birthday is in mid-December, which makes me a Sagittarius.

Although I was a child in the 70s, I was really too young to be into the zodiac. As a child, I would occasionally read my horoscope in the paper, but the predictions always seemed vague and random. For example, my horoscope for today says this: Continue reading

Swimming With the Cool Kids

swimmingWhen I was a kid swimming was not of great importance to my family.  I did get sent to swimming lessons which were held at the beach on the outskirts of Beaver Dam.  We didn’t have a wonderful pool available to us, so this is where we went.  I remember there being a lot of rain dates and cold weather.  Consequently, I did not learn to swim for whatever reason.  This would probably be the first item to accomplish on my bucket list at an early age. Continue reading

Could Not, Would Not

I don’t remember not being able to swim. This doesn’t mean that I could swim in deep water. It only means that I didn’t drown in a kiddy pool. My Aunt Judy claims that this is because she (a swim instructor) taught me to swim before I could even walk. Judy says this was called “drown proofing”. But, of course, this doesn’t mean I can remember that–but it might explain my natural confidence in the water.

As far as remembering the learning process, I do remember taking lessons at the local YMCA. I started in level 1-Polliwogs. I thought it was silly that some kids had to practice putting their faces in the water and blowing bubbles. Jumping up and down in the shallow water was fun. We called this “doing bobs” And I was seriously motivated to make it all the way through the levels… Polliwogs, Guppies, Minnows, Fish, Flying Fish, Sharks.

The only glitch in the process was diving. We all know that diving is NOT swimming. I believe that I got stuck somewhere in the level progression because I could not, would not do a back dive.  Continue reading

Another Family Requirement

swimmingIn our family, it was a requirement to take swimming lessons as a kid.  This involved weekly trips to the local YMCA and moving through the different levels of skill.  I don’t remember all of the levels, but you progressed from tadpoles to guppies to minnows, etc.  I don’t remember what level I finally got to, but I think I finished right before the lifeguarding level.   Continue reading

A Secret From Dad

swimmingI always wanted to learn to swim. For some reason, my dad repeatedly intervened and said no. It was very frustrating. Finally, I went to Mom and asked what was up with Dad. She told me the secret. Dad was afraid of water.  Continue reading