Never Quite Enough

I have always wanted to be good, not necessarily the best, but just good at whatever I did.  This especially was the case when I would participate in team sports.  One of my fears as a child was when being chosen to play games and teams were needed I would never be chosen as one of the first few.  This left me feeling bad that I didn’t have the ability or the reputation to be either the most popular or the best at a sport.  Consequently, I always shied away from playing team sports. Continue reading

Missing Mom

It was chilly in my room. The snow was wisping in through three holes in the storm window and landing on the foot of my bed. I lay in bed and listened for the sounds of the radio or the sounds that mom normally was making in the kitchen. All I could hear was silence. Continue reading

The Easy Way Out

life decisions

College Bound

When I was seventeen, my oldest sister passed away. Life as I had always known it was gone forever. She had been the focus in my life for the past nine years.

Suddenly my family went back to life as normal. I didn’t really have a “normal”. My sister and her husband had bought a home and were raising their family. My Mom and Dad began to travel and enjoy each other’s company. I wasn’t sure where I fit in. Continue reading

Meant to Be?

Looking back at my life, what is the one decision that I would change if I could?Well, there is one thing that I wish I could do-over.  By changing this one thing, my life would’ve taken an entirely different turn.  Keep in mind, that I’m very happy with how things have turned out, but I do wonder how things would be different. Continue reading

Making the Wrong Decision

There is a 1980 song called “Freewill” by Rush that spoke to my adolescent metaphysical angst about the meaning of life. The repeating snippet that has stuck in my soul since I was a High School sophomore is…

“You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Making the Wrong DecisionI met my first husband, Tom, during the first week of my freshman year at college. He was tall and charismatic. The leader of his church student group, he seemed so sure of himself. Church leaders trusted him and were molding him to take a leadership role in the group. A confident musician, he sang and played guitar in the worship group during Sunday service. I saw him as talented, smart, and goal-driven. Continue reading

There Is Only One Me!

Three words that best describe me are snarky, persistent, and creative:


snarkyI love to be snarky. Actually, it comes quite naturally.  One of my favorite characters that I identify with is the cartoon character “Maxine”.  She reminds me of how I think most of the time.  Mix in a little more empathy and that is me.  I am not a flowery speaking type of person.  Continue reading

I Can Be Complicated

complicatedThree words to describe me would have to be a gross simplification! I can be a bit complicated!   

  •  I find myself to be extremely curious. When I’m at a staff meeting at work or talking to one of my friends, I often have questions about what has been discussed or communicated. I find myself to be very curious about the purpose or meaning of what was said.

Continue reading

She Thought She Could, So She Did!

organizedTrying to use 3 words to describe myself is no easy feat.  Do I want to use positive or negative words?  I’m currently working on my positive self-talk, so I think I need to focus on the kinder words.  I had to resort to asking the family for words that described me and here is what they came up with. Continue reading

You Can Do It!

What are three words that describe me…? When you’re working on legacy writing, sometimes you want people to know how awesome you are! Come on, you can do it!!!

You Can Do It

For this topic, the Sidetracked Sisters each prepared by thinking of words to describe the others. I even asked my daughter Aubrey to add a word for everyone. Then, when we got together to write, each of us didn’t have to be digging around for defining words, we could just sort, accept, or reject words that were chosen for us.

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