Conquering Fear – Sandy

thIn the day it was felt that if you didn’t meet all of your dreams, goals, were in your job of your dreams, be successful (whatever that meant” where you wanted to be at the ripe old age of thirty, you were, I guess, “A Failure”. That was for a rather short period of time on my part as I just couldn’t accept that. My Dad changed jobs in his fifties and wished he had done it long before that. So, I decided screw that Idea, just keep forging on and as long as you are happy that is success.


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Conquering Fear – Judy

leaving-homeI remember the feeling like it was yesterday. It was spring break 2006. Our home in Wisconsin had finally sold and our son and I had driven back from Colorado to take the final treasures out of the house. We had lived there for 15 years. My Mom had passed away in that house. So many wonderful family memories had been made there.

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Conquering Fear – ‘Chelle


High school.  Do you have good memories or bad ones of that time in your life?  Many of mine are good, but I always had the feeling that I wasn’t good enough, I felt excluded by people and I was always worried about what others thought of me.

There was the “cool” crowd and the only time I was a part of it, was when one of the crowd would invite me to join.  When she didn’t invite me – then I wasn’t included.

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Conquering Fear – Lisa

I hate the feeling of falling.  The gentle decent of a Ferris wheel is a one. Jumping off a bridge with friends into the rushing water of the river below is an eight. Falling out of an airplane at 14,000 feet is a ten.  I have done all three. Why???

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