Christmas Memories – Judy

Early Christmas 1955When I think of Christmas, I remember all of the joy of being a child and feeling the magic of Christmas. There was the night I heard footsteps on the roof and I just knew that Santa and his reindeer were there. As I dozed off to sleep that night, I was sure I saw Rudolph’s bright red nose leading the sleigh onward and upward.

Another memory I have is the annual occurrence of my sister Sandy stalling to come to bed. She would stay in her bathrobe and I would finally give in to sleepiness and close my eyes. At the time, I didn’t realize that this always happened a few weeks before Christmas. The very next morning, we would go downstairs to see the most beautiful Christmas Tree ever in the living room. The tree was part of our Christmas surprise as long as we believed.

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Christmas – Sandy

When I was a kid, I would love to decorate for the holidays. My Mom always let me do my creative things. I would put evergreens wherever I could find a place.  I would put my little sister to bed, (this was not an easy task, as she was always suspicious) then I would sneak downstairs and help decorate the tree which Santa had brought.


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