Time – Lisa

Conquering Fear – Judy

My Scariest Moment – Lisa

Time – Sandy

Thanksgiving – Sandy

Thanksgiving – ‘Chelle

Thanksgiving – Judy

Time – Judy

A Vacation Story – Judy

Vacation Memories – Judy

Playing with Others – ‘Chelle

Vacation Memories – ‘Chelle

My First Job – ‘Chelle

My First Job – Judy

My First Job – Sandy

Downshifting – Lisa

Furry Family – ‘Chelle

Furry Family – Lisa

Downshifting – ‘Chelle

Furry Family – Sandy

Exercise – ‘Chelle

Furry Family – Judy

Downshifting – Judy

Downshifting – Sandy

Meditation – Lisa

Exercise – Judy

Exercise – Sandy

Exercise – Lisa

Meditation – ‘Chelle

Technology – ‘Chelle

Technology – Lisa

Technology – Judy

Meditation – Judy

Meditation – Sandy

Technology – Sandy

Body Image – Judy

Body Image – ‘Chelle

Body Image – Lisa

Procrastination – ‘Chelle

Procrastination – Lisa

Divorce – ‘Chelle

Gardening – ‘Chelle

Divorce – Judy

Gardening – Judy

Procrastination – Judy

My Scariest Moment – ‘Chelle


Conquering Fear – ‘Chelle

Conquering Fear – Lisa

My Scariest Moment – Judy

Divorce – Sandy

Gardening – Sandy

Procrastination – Sandy

My Scariest Moment – Sandy

My Scariest Moment – Aubrey

5 Love Languages – ‘Chelle

Christmas memories – ‘Chelle

Christmas Memories – Judy

Conquering Fear – Sandy


Christmas – Sandy

Biggest Pet Peeve – ‘Chelle

Biggest Pet Peeve – Lisa

Biggest Pet Peeve – Judy

Orange is not for everyone!

Color me green

What color are you?

Biggest Pet Peeve – Sandy

Biggest Pet Peeve – Aubrey

Gratitude List – Lisa

Gratitude List – ‘Chelle

Gratitude List – Sandy

Gratitude List – Judy

Too Much Profanity!

Do Your Actions Match Your Words? – Lisa

Divorce – Lisa

How Lovely the Silence of Growing Things


Practice What You Preach

Does Your Talk Match Your Walk?

Weird Favorite Drinks

Favorite Drink – Lisa

Do I Have a Favorite Drink?

Hey! Get Me an Old Fashion!

Cooking – Lisa

Honey… What’s Cooking??

Cooking is a Waste of Time

I F**king Hate Cooking

I Was Born a Pleaser

Lazy or Just Inadequate?

My Happy Parenting Moments

It’s the Little Things

Becoming a Mom


Cell Phone Etiquette

Compliments vs. Insults

Be Unplugged!

To Use or Not to Use (cell phones)

Damn! I’m FUNNY!!

Halloween – ‘Chelle

Autumn – ‘Chelle

Autumn – Lisa

Autumn – Judy

Autumn – Sandy

Girls’ Weekend – Lisa

Girls’ Weekend – Sandy

Girls’ Weekend – Judy

Girls’ Weekend – ‘Chelle

If Sandy were to die today…

If Judy were to die today…

If ‘Chelle were to die today…

If Lisa were to die today…

Vacation Memories – Sandy

Vacation Memories (Onion Sandwiches) – Lisa

The Power of ONE – Lisa

Country Roads – Lisa

Resolutions – Lisa

Time – ‘Chelle

Shopping – ‘Chelle

Grandmas – ‘Chelle

Camping – ‘Chelle

Camping – Lisa

Camping – Sandy

Camping – Judy

Stress – Lisa

Stress – Judy

Stress – Sandy

Stress – ‘Chelle

Clutter – Sandy

Clutter – ‘Chelle

Clutter – Judy

Clutter – Lisa

Being a Mom – Sandy

Being a Mom – Lisa

Being a Mom – ‘Chelle

Being a Mom – Judy

Who is ‘Chelle?

Who is Lisa?

Who is Judy?

Who is Sandy?

Decorating – Lisa

Decorating – Judy

Decorating – ‘Chelle

Decorating – Sandy

Halloween – Lisa

Halloween – Sandy

Halloween – Judy

Stupid Jokes – I can never remember them anyway!

Have you heard any good ones lately?

Friends – Both Old and New – I Love You All!

Want a Friend? Be a Friend!

Will You Marry Me?

That Reminds Me…

Love or Hate Cell Phones

I Love All Colors!